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Northwest Michigan Works Receives New Funding To Combat Opioid Epidemic

Northwest Michigan Works is receiving new funding to help combat the opioid epidemic.

Part of that problem involves finding steady employment for those in recovery, as well as those who have been assisting in someone’s recovery journey.

24 Northern Michigan counties will receive $3 million dollars in funding, with over a million going to counties that Northwest Michigan Works serves.

This grant will ago towards hiring certified professional life coaches to assist getting workers back on track, as well as other services like training and transportation needs.

Northwest Michigan Works! says that they hope to provide a second chance at a quality career for those in recovery.

“Everyone like to have a new job, it’s like a clean slate, it’s a fresh start and if all we do is provide hope to someone, even that has to help their recovery a little bit,” said Lisa Schut, Regional Director of Northwest Michigan Works.

The three Michigan Works agencies aim to serve almost 200 participants across the 24 county area.